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Music is universal and so important in our lives. What’s usually fascinating to people is when they remember not only the music but the month and year it was released. It brings us back to a time in their lives, and that is the purpose of this book. My book takes us back into the times from the 1960s during the infancy of R&B, to the ‘70s through the disco periods, the 1980s through the reinvention of R&B, and wonders if the 1990s were the conclusion, and hasn’t been the same since. My book reminds you of what you used to do during those decades, whether you were listening to 45s, LPs, eight tracks, cassette tapes, CDs, or even the MP3 player. The most important aspect of listening to music was the countdown to find out whether your song was number one, or back in the day, when you looked into magazines to see what song was number one, and gaze at the pictures behind it. For a copy of the book, click the link below..


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